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An all-in-one platform to help developers deploy, host, and manage web applications on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

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Focus on development

We handle deployments so you can focus on what you love, coding.

Enterprises trusted

Optimize your resources

Allocate your resources properly with complete visibility over your infrastructure.

Agencies compatible

Adopt a modern workflow

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks, streamline your development processes.

Deploy and manage web projects with our platform

Power your business with an all-in-one solution that helps developers easily create, deploy, and maintain their code using modern cloud infrastructure.

  • “Not only do we save money, but we also gain efficiency and peace of mind. Artifakt is flexibility, performance & innovation.”

    Thierry Chang, Marketing & ecommerce Director at Lancaster
  • “Artifakt is a luxury.
    I click, it deploys! I cannot imagine doing without such a tool.”

    Thomas Sérès, CTO and Partner at Pandacraft
  • “Artifakt is simply what we needed—a place to test, deploy, and manage our clients’ websites. That, combined with a very reactive Support Team, make it the perfect tool for agencies like us to host our projects without any worries” 

    Joachim Archambault, CTO at Akrolab
  • Ecommerce
  • Developers
  • Agencies

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