Artifakt is a PaaS that gives autonomy back to developers and provides companies with highly available and secure cloud infrastructure.


Who we are

Artifakt was created with the goal to eliminate the frustrations experienced daily by web development teams and to provide enterprises with a performing and secure hosting solution. The Artifakt experience ensures/offers modularity and solidity, customization and preconfiguration, autonomy and control—to increase developer productivity and provides companies with a cloud infrastructure they can trust.


Where we come from

Launched in 2017 and headquartered in Paris, Artifakt platform is now trusted by 40 European companies hosting their applications on our platform and adopted by more than 1000 developers deploying code and managing environments with ease on a daily basis.

Our Values
  • Expertise & Ownership
    The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
    We seek out passionate people who thrive in taking ownership over their field
    of expertise and responsibilities. We rely on them to build and develop Artifakt, making it the best product in the industry.
  • International
    We are building a global company
    thanks to an international team.
    A third of our employees are fully remote and located all around Europe. We believe this multicultural power and diversity are a driving force and will help our business grow
  • Tech-savvy

    We are Techies at heart.

    Our product and our team are inspired by innovation and driven by quality and best in class. Although we love tech, we use it to serve our business needs and not the other way around.

They trust us
  • Julien Lemoine
    Cofounder and CTO at Algolia
  • Eduardo Ronzano
    Ex-CEO at KelDoc
  • Renaud Visage
    Cofounder and CTO at Eventbrite, Board Partner at Point Nine Capital
  • Romain Niccoli
    Ex-Cofounder and CTO at Criteo and Less
  • Dominique Vidal
    Partner of Index, investor of BlaBlaCar and Criteo
  • Nicolas Dessaigne
    CEO of Algolia
  • FrĂ©dĂ©ric de Gombert
    CEO of Akeneo
  • Nicolas Dupont
    VP Engineering at Akeneo
  • Alexis Bonillo
    Co-Founder & COO at Zenly


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