Production-ready & user-friendly Platform as a Service

What we do

The Artifakt PaaS was created to eliminate the daily frustrations experienced by web development teams and provide enterprises with a performing and secure hosting solution.


Artifakt offers modularity and solidity, customization and preconfiguration, autonomy, and control—to increase developer productivity and provides companies with a trusted cloud infrastructure.


Who we are

Launched in 2017, Artifakt has an office in Paris, but its English-speaking team of about 30 people is mostly remote.


What we all have in common? We are Techies at heart. Our product and our experts are inspired by innovation and driven by quality and best in class. Although we love tech, we use it to serve our business needs and not the other way around.

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Enterprise trusted & developer approved
  • Enterprise
    +50 European companies

    hosting their critical business applications.

  • Agency
    +20 web agency partners

    that are using the Artifakt user-friendly platform.

  • developers
    +1700 developers

    are deploying code with Artifakt and managing environments daily.

Our investors
  • Julien Lemoine
    Cofounder and CTO at Algolia
  • Eduardo Ronzano
    Ex-CEO at KelDoc
  • Renaud Visage
    Cofounder and CTO at Eventbrite, Board Partner at Point Nine Capital
  • Romain Niccoli
    Ex-Cofounder and CTO at Criteo and Less
  • Dominique Vidal
    Partner of Index, investor of BlaBlaCar and Criteo
  • Nicolas Dessaigne
    CEO of Algolia
  • Frédéric de Gombert
    CEO of Akeneo
  • Nicolas Dupont
    VP Engineering at Akeneo
  • Alexis Bonillo
    Co-Founder & COO at Zenly


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