Artifakt for Web Agencies

As a web agency, you want to create the best application for your clients while streamlining all your deployment processes so that it’s the most cost and time effective. With Artifakt, you focus on the development and let us focus on the rest.


Managing your environments has never been so easy

Launching a new website doesn’t stop at the code. We get that, setting up ISO environments to production is a tedious, yet necessary task to deliver killer features to your customers. The list is long, provisioning cloud infrastructure, re-configuring parameters, deploying the code, etc.
With Artifakt, we automate all of that, so next time your customer needs a new environment, you can send over URL in just a few minutes.

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Empower your team

Changing something in your customer infrastructure is both repetitive and time consuming. Stop wasting time creating support tickets, calling help centers for simple tasks such as adding IP, deploying a new release, scale storage space … We give you control to do all this in a few clicks directly through our web interface. You stay in charge of the website from start to finish.


Collaborate More

Agencies are like development teams. Working together has never been so simple. Add members, manage roles per project and per environment. Artifakt gives access to your team from day 1 allowing you to work with clients and partners directly on the environment.


Develop better application

Agencies need to react switfly to their client needs, and fix issues accordingly. This can become tedious when you don’t know where things went wrong. Artifakt gives you the ability to understand what is happening when it is happening. Access complete monitoring and logs system. Find errors and areas of improvement. Make your application faster and more reliable.


Unify your development process

When building a website, you want to have total control of the code. When it comes to pushing it to the Cloud, you want to automate tedious and repetitive tasks while still being able to customize your clients infrastructure. With Artifakt, no need to reinvent the wheel every time. We combine strong industry standards and customization in one tool. You can provide high quality services to your customers, all the way from website design to Cloud hosting.

Experience real collaboration between you and Artifakt

Tired of battling with your hosting company, understanding where issues are coming from, struggling to talk with support. We are here to help! The Artifakt team is full of developers and cloud experts. We collaborate with you and your customers to answer questions and needs, as best as we can.

More about Artifakt for Agencies?
  • Does Artifakt have a partnership program for agencies?

    Do you believe Artifakt is fit for your clients? Benefit from a strong partnership with us!

    For more information, please contact our sales team at [email protected].

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