Artifakt for Sylius Cloud Hosting platform

Discover the easiest way to deploy and manage the leading Symfony based e-commerce framework to create custom web shops. With Artifakt, host your Sylius project on our cloud platform. Run your eshop on a cloud infrastructure fully scalable and perfectly adapted to your e-commerce business.

Scale up & down in a snap

All the tools you need to setup your centralized infrastructure. You can now configure, deploy, monitor or even rollback from the Artifakt console. Your infrastructure adapts to your needs by automatically scaling when business is taking off.

One platform to rule them all

All the team can now manage, customize, create, upgrade or downgrade all your environments without effort and without advanced devops technical knowledge needed. Even project managers are now able to monitor the production!

Flawless security

Artifakt blocks suspicious requests and attacks on Sylius. We select the technologies that best match Sylius in a close collaboration with their core team to guarantee security so you can focus on selling.

Partner before all

Artifakt isn’t just another deployment platform. We develop personal relationships with our partners as well as with our customers. Our support team is here to help you get the most out of your Sylius shop.


Sylius Cloud Hosting meets Artifakt

Our team built an architecture perfectly optimized for Sylius and Sylius Plus.

All dependencies and prerequisites already installed and optimized specifically for the Sylius framework and maintained over time. You can now get a perfect view of your infrastructure for all types of projects you are running.

Simply choose Sylius version and connect your code to the Artifakt platform and boom, it’s ready!


From staging to production

Artifakt has fine-tuned configuration for Sylius and Symfony in order to give your e-commerce visitors the best performance. Manage environments or releases overtime simply. You can now deploy your environment thanks to a very simple deployment workflow that has been adjusted and optimized to deliver a Sylius project in minimum time and without downtime.


Make the right decision at the right time

More than just a Sylius hosting solution, Artifakt allows you to monitor and get notified when your web app reaches critical thresholds. Artifakt allows you to increase your servers’ capacity with the auto-scale feature, giving you and your teams full control of your web app’s capabilities. No more worries : we automate everything, you just manage it.

You can now know what is happening when it’s happening: monitor traffic, storage and databases, quickly identify potential slow queries—everything on a single dashboard. The quicker you understand the faster you can react.

Benefit from our inhouse Sylius Cloud Experts

We have Sylius specialists in-house, available to help you deploy and maintain your online shop.

We can guide your Sylius Cloud onboarding with premium support, or help you debug wrong behaviors, performance and security issues.

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