Vue.js Cloud Hosting that scales your business

Offer an outstanding online experience to your customers with our fast, optimized, and reliable Vue.js hosting platform that meets the needs of your business.

Scale your infrastructure up & down as you go

Need more servers to support peak traffic or a new product launch? Your infrastructure adapts to your needs by automatically scaling when business is taking off. We assure stability as the traffic gets higher.

Experience one single platform for the entire team

Backend, Frontend, DevOps—manage and customize all your environments effortlessly and with flexibility, together, as a team. One platform to oversee your current setup and make adjustments in just a few clicks.

Provide a seamless online experience

Benefit from our optimized and distributed Vue.js cloud stacks. We guarantee high availability, resiliency, and smooth navigation in all conditions. Your website runs fast, even from the other side of the world.

Secure your online business without compromising

Preserve the integrity and the availability of your infrastructure and your data. We select the technologies that best match Vue.js security requirements and provide necessary tools, backups, and services to let you sell online stress-free.


Vue.js Cloud Hosting meets Artifakt

Our architecture is specifically built and optimized for Vue.js.

All dependencies and requirements are already installed, configured, and maintained over time. No need to play with MySQL, and NGINX installations, or to struggle with a service upgrade—we cover everything.
You also get a clear view of your infrastructure, its sizing, and all services included, like Redis, Elasticsearch, Varnish, etc.
To get started, all you need to do is choose your Vue.js version and connect your code to the Artifakt platform. It’s ready for deployment.

Duplicate Joachim Sophie ON Auto-Scalling x2 Members Infrastructure Member Admin

Onboard and run your Vue.js project in a few easy steps

Managing Vue.js environments and releases overtime is a recurring and time-consuming task.
Your performance can be impacted if not considered properly.
Artifakt provides your team with the right layers and tools to streamline setups and run life cycles of your Vue.js project.

Deploy your environment in just a few clicks. Once your code is updated, all you need to do is browse, validate, and duplicate your environment to production.
We provide regular maintenance upgrades and recommendations to make your journey with Vue.js as smooth as possible.

- - - > Installation of Apache 2 - - - > Configuration of Apache 2 - - - > Installation of php7 - - - > Getting source code Repository Url: [email protected]:artifakt-io/base-php.git Branch: staging - - - > Deploying new version Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 43 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 45 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 48 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 48 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 48 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 48 GMT+0100 Feb 1, 2021 20 : 40 : 48 GMT+0100 Instance Naiad 52.48.347.984

Deploy without downtime

Each Vue.js project is specific, so should be your deployment and your runtime.

To facilitate Vue.js deployment, we use an automated pipeline with a blue-green deployment process.

This protects your website from downtime when you push new pieces of code to production.If the deployment fails for some reason, your website stays online while you fix the problem without stressing over losing revenue.

Deployment to the cloud takes just a few minutes and the platform allows you to watch the process in real time, from new instances spinning to getting online.
As each Vue.js project is specific, we also provide hooks to interact and customize deployment behavior at each step of the process.


Joachim Joachim Sophie Deploy Deploy Deploy 00:03:10 00:03:33 00:03:16 Feb 1, 2021 20:40:00 Jan 28, 2021 12:54:35 Jan 29, 2021 13:24:06 Successfull Successfull Successfull Job List Deploy Rollback Clear cache Select Job Run Job

Make the right decision at the right time

More than just a Vue.js hosting solution, Artifakt allows you to monitor and get notified when your web app reaches critical thresholds. Artifakt allows you to increase your servers’ capacity with the auto-scale feature, giving you full control of your web app’s capabilities. We automate everything, you manage it.
Know what is happening when it’s happening. We centralize all your server logs in one platform. Monitor traffic, storage, and databases, and quickly identify potential slow queries—everything on a single dashboard. Understand quickly, react fast.

Warning! Production’s database has high CPU usage Your attention is required! OPEN MONITORING

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