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December 2020, by Laura Tavernier
2 min. read

Amédée Paris: A rapid and seamless Cloud migration

Subsidiary company of the french group Chargeurs, Amédée Paris is a young brand selling unique and eco-friendly merinos scarves It is the results of a merger between Amédée Prouvost and Groupe Francais Chargeurs. Certified by the Nativa Precious Fiber label, it blends handcrafted quality and sustainability.  They were looking to migrate their website to the Cloud with the goal of improving its performance. They hired Dn'D, a web agency to redesign the website and give it a more e-shop feel. They decided to use Artifakt to deploy the website online. Thanks to a double expertise in Cloud migration and Magento, we were able to give them optimum work conditions, rapidly deployed environment with configurations adapted to Magento 2, identical pre-prod and production environments to facilitate their tests. 

Before the project

Amédée Paris old website was created by freelance developers. They were also managing the website hosting provided directly by their platform. At the time, Deborah, founder at Amédée Paris wasn’t included in the decision making. However, she “noted issues on her website, just a few months in. Loading pages were slow, Google picked it up and rated us poorly. It impacted our SEO and website ranking.”

“We wanted to redesign our website to make it more e-commerce friendly”. The founder hired a web agency specialized in online shops and Magento. “Thanks to a colleague referral, we selected Dn’D agency, which really understood our needs. They are the one who advised us to go with Artifakt. They often presented this solution to their clients especially when they want to migrate to the cloud.”

Selecting Artifakt was an easy choice. It was important for Deborah that her web agency fosters relations with each of their providers. “Cloud migration is a critical part of an e-commerce project. Dn’D agency was responsible for it, it was a logical decision to trust them. When we compared Artifakt with our previous provider, they weren’t more pricey but it included faster processes, a more performing Cloud infrastructure, and monitoring and a visibility we didn’t have before. 

Trouble-free Cloud migration

The website redesign brought a lot of changes. Magento 2 requires specific cloud hosting configurations. “Amédée Paris trusted us with this project. Our goal was to increase performance, ergonomics and really bring the “e-shop” aspect forward. The hosting solution needed to suit Magento 2. We already worked with Artifakt on other Cloud migration projects, and we thought it was the right solution for Amédée Paris” tells Sebastien, project manager for Dn’D agency.

After meeting with the CTO of Artifakt, 3 environments were deployed:

  • A testing environment (for developers to play and try codes),
  • A pre-production environment (where the clients can see a first version of the website)
  • A production environment (online and live).

As our contract with the previous hosting company ended in a short period of time, Artifakt deployed these environments very quickly. “Testing and pre-production environments were rapidly available on Artifakt’s console. The production environment was online soon after being validated by Amédée Paris. Going from one hosting provider to the other went smoothly and without any downtime. Artifakt increased the website performance, thanks to updated configurations (CDN, ELB, Compute & Stockage, Database/Cache…) 

Why Artifakt?

“As a project manager and for our development team, using Artifakt improves our workflow. Deploying to the Cloud requires skills and technical expertise. On top of giving us access to this expertise, the solution is intuitive, simple and easy to use. Artifakt support is reactive, we’re not overwhelmed by the amount of open tickets. Answers are relevant and you can really see their expertise in the technology they support, in this case Magento. It’s a tool that really benefits teamwork, and in a web project, we always work as a team.” adds Sebastien.

“We’re really proud of our new website, it’s more ergonomic, more branded and significantly faster. The Cloud migration was easy and quick. First results are very satisfying. We already see clear improvements” concluded Déborah.

Laura Tavernier
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