Artifakt with AWS: A shared vision to simplify cloud migration

Artifakt leverages the power of AWS Cloud to build enterprise-grade cloud infrastructures.

Rich in features, the Artifakt platform lets you deploy critical infrastructures in a few minutes while giving your development teams a user-friendly console to manage and monitor all your applications.

Reliability at the heart of AWS and Artifakt


We build your infrastructure with performance in mind to reach your business expectations.


Give your customers a unique digital experience where speed meets security. Benefit from 13 AWS regions around the world to guarantee your applications are hosted near your customers. Our enterprise grade infrastructures offer redundancy, load-balancing, auto-scaling and CDN to bring you the best performance. 



Give your team full autonomy on their daily workload.


All the features have been elaborated to emphasize the day-to-day life of your development team to let them focus on your business. Fast deployment, monitoring, logging, and alerting layers are some of the features Artifakt on AWS provides for all users.



All the AWS Cloud Services in an easy-to-use solution:

  • Run your platform on multiple AWS AZ to support your DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).
  • Automate your database backup to protect yourself from data loss.
  • Safeguard your platform with automated security updates.
  • Get full visibility over your applications. 
  • Organize your teams per projects.
  • Upgrade your platform seamlessly.
  • Benefit from automated deployment for all your applications.
Cloud for All

Artifakt on AWS helps you migrate your applications to the cloud smoothly in a few days no matter the size of your business or the expertise of your team. 

Artifakt architecture with AWS

The Build


We bring together the best AWS services to provide performance, security and reliability.


Your enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure is built and deployed automatically with all prerequisites included to host your business applications.

The Run
  • Manage your application with central monitoring.
  • Get notified in case of unexpected events so you can understand and fix coding issues quicker.
  • Adapt your platform to your traffic with auto-scaling.
  • Increases or decreases your infrastructure capacity depending on your server workload.

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