Djalal Elbe
Application Engineer
Djalal is an Application Engineer at Artifakt.
Putting the “Sec” in DevSecOps

Ever heard about DevSecOps? Since DevOps has grown into a successful set of principles for agile teams, the trend around other “Ops” derivatives keeps piling up. In this blog post, we review the current state-of-the-art for security as code, and how much is already available in Artifakt PaaS.

Djalal Elbe
April 2022
5 min. read
Managing eCommerce Infrastructures During the Pandemic

How did the pandemic affect decision-making around eCommerce infrastructure?

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Cloud trends to watch in 2022

Let’s talk about cloud trends in 2022. Obviously, it’s very ambitious to make predictions in such a speculative market like ours, where the technology is changing rapidly. Still, we can all agree that many of the most innovative trends that were brought to light since 2017 will be in full bloom in 2022.

Djalal Elbe
February 2022
7 min. read
Cloud hosting vs traditional hosting vs managed hosting—all you need to know

Despite the growing interest in moving businesses online, there is a big number of businesses out there that do not really understand the different hosting options or why cloud hosting is becoming so popular versus traditional web hosting, or even managed hosting.  This article answers all your questions.

Djalal Elbe
August 2021
6 min. read
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