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Interview with Nicolas Dessaigne, the newest Artifakt board member
Nicolas Dessaigne is the co-founder of Algolia and we recently sat down to discuss his career, what makes Artifakt unique, and his mission as the newest Artifakt board member. 
Svetlana Pogodina
02 September
4 min. read
The ultimate Magento 2 build & deploy commands workflow
We put our massive experience with Magento 2 to use and created the most optimized and complete workflow—from importing code to setting up the URL, you have all the steps in a single blog post!
Aymeric Aitamer
26 August
6 min. read
Managing eCommerce Infrastructures During the Pandemic

How did the pandemic affect decision-making around eCommerce infrastructure?

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Cloud hosting vs traditional hosting vs managed hosting—all you need to know
Despite the growing interest in moving businesses online, there is a big number of businesses out there that do not really understand the different hosting options or why cloud hosting is becoming so popular versus traditional web hosting, or even managed hosting.  This article answers all your questions.
Djalal Elbe
19 August
6 min. read
Public, private, or hybrid—explaining the 3 main types of PaaS
Platform as a Service (PaaS), and its various types, is one of the three main cloud computing models. In this article, we take a closer look at the various types of PaaS and their function.
Aymeric Aitamer
12 August
3 min. read
Top 4 reasons why you should move to the cloud
We can definitely think of more than just four reasons to move to the public cloud. But to keep this short and sweet, we'll go over the top 4 reasons I have on our list—flexibility, software updates, advanced services, and cost control.
Aymeric Aitamer
05 August
3 min. read
Documenting our migration to Docker—challenges and lessons learned
We documented our migration to Docker, the way we approached certain issues and challenges. If you're migrating to containers, we're sure you'll find some useful tips to avoid possible mistakes.
Djalal Elbe
29 July
13 min. read
Building scalable and resilient applications using AWS
Scalable and resilient web applications is the goal of every business. In this article, I’d like to demonstrate how we can achieve application scalability and resilience using AWS.
Djalal Elbe
22 July
5 min. read
Artifakt is now an any-app platform, powered by container technology
Today, we are very proud and excited to share our latest product release. The new any-app capabilities of the Artifakt platform are here to change the game for our existing and, of course, future users.
Svetlana Pogodina
15 July
3 min. read
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