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June 2021
3 min. read

Announcing the Artifakt Partner Program—let’s build your customers’ success together

Artifakt Partner Program

One thing is certain, the demand for web agencies to build and develop eCommerce websites is at its peak. With this, they also face the pressure to deliver an infrastructure that is robust, resilient and scalable. Time is of the essence, especially when DevOps and hosting expertise is scarce, if not lacking completely.

We know how complicated and frustrating it is to deliver the right infrastructure. Been there, done that! Artifakt was created with these very issues in mind.

You might ask, how did we manage to overcome these challenges? The answer is very simple, we created a powerful all-in-one PaaS solution to help you deploy, host and manage web applications on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

And today, we are proud and excited to announce the Artifakt Partner Program. 

Let’s see what this means for you.

“I need this, yesterday,” said every client ever

For a web agency helping organizations grow and scale their online business is indeed very rewarding. With this comes the occasional pressure to deliver everything fast while maintaining high standards excellence.

Let’s share some quotes you might be familiar with.

  • This was meant to be done yesterday!
  • We are facing a very “demanding” client.
  • We have performance issues.
  • We have a new team member, they need access ASAP.
  • What about the planning?
  • “It’s not my fault this happened.” “Nor is it mine.”

What about shipping your project faster without losing the quality of your deliverables? 

Digitalization in an ever-growing market

The recent pandemic has accelerated digital adoption on a global scale. We’ve seen in a few months growth that would have taken 2-3 years to achieve. Even though a few geographic differences still exist, the onset of nationwide lockdowns due to the spread of COVID-19 has shrunk the digital gap between countries in the Western world while increasing global sales. 

Whether building a digital strategy from scratch or accelerating an already existing one, companies had to adapt quickly in a hyper-competitive market, where the limitations of physical shops and borders no longer apply. 

Most agencies have been flooded with work and that is great news for your business. You get to spend more time building great websites. That is the fun part—putting it online, not so much. 

The latter requires building ISO environments, setting up runtime requirements, platform optimization, or battling with your hosting providers (have I lost you yet?). Yes, tedious, repetitive, and for the most part, boring tasks. 

Then, your clients’ digital team requires you to optimize the website performance for higher ranking and better user experience, to scale their infrastructure during expected (or even unexpected) traffic peaks, etc.

And we’re not even talking about the security aspects that are becoming a central part of development. Yes, it’s a headache. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been there.

Building amazing eCommerce websites without taking this list into account, would be like building a house without a solid foundation. Can you expect it to easily adapt and scale with your future needs? 

Expertise, simplicity, and autonomy is the core of our Partner Program

This is where our Partner Program comes in. Artifakt was built and adapted with web agencies in mind. In other words, our platform was created to serve your daily needs and expectations. We bring you customizable and scalable infrastructures while giving you a seamless experience and full autonomy over your applications.

If one of the points presented above rings a bell, we do have a lot of things to talk about! But words alone are not enough. We can showcase what Artifakt can do for you, live. What better proof of concept than seeing it happening in front of your eyes? 

All you need to do is reach out!

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