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Join the Artifakt team to drive cloud innovation and build a product trusted by companies and approved by developers!

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What's it like working at Artifakt

Who we are ☁️

  • We encourage our teammates to take ownership, innovate, and achieve remarkable results.
  • We build together a supportive environment where everyone has a voice, and we aim to offer the flexibility everyone needs to stay focused on what matters most.
  • We value diversity and deeply care for our teammates and customers.

Where we are heading 🚀

  • We are a product-first company with a clear and powerful vision to drive cloud innovation.
  • We are techies at heart and it’s our driving force to build a product trusted by companies and approved by developers.
  • We have many challenges ahead. It’s an exciting time to join us while we are getting ready to scale and to go global.

  • We seek out passionate people who thrive in taking ownership over their field of expertise and responsibilities. We rely on them to build and develop Artifakt, making it the best product in the industry.
  • A third of our employees are fully remote and located all around Europe. We believe this multicultural power and diversity are a driving force and will help our business grow.
  • Our product and our team are inspired by innovation and driven by quality. Although we love tech, we remain human-centric and we use technology to serve our business needs and not the other way around.

Our benefits

  • International team and work environment
  • Hybrid remote policy and flexible work hours
  • Personalized workstation setup
  • Learning and career growth support

Open positions

Are you a fast learner and result-driven?
Customer-oriented and team player?
Creative and open-minded?
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Frequently asked questions
  • About spontaneous applications

    With a spontaneous application you are not applying directly to a position. Your information is saved and we will only reach out directly to you if we have a new open position that matches your profile. Thank you in advance for your interest in Artifakt!

  • I just applied for an open position. What's next?

    That's awesome! Thank you for your interest in Artifakt!

    We aim to keep our candidates updated on the status of their application. If you qualify for the said position, you will receive an email from us to schedule a first interview. We will also let you know in case your application was not successful.

  • Our remote hiring policy

    Our headquarters are located in Paris and employees can work remotely three days per week. However, given the current situation, Artifakt is supporting employees to work fully remote. What's more, some of our open positions are fully remote within the EU.

  • What happens to my data?

    Artifakt is using the Greenhouse recruitment platform in order to follow more effective hiring processes and offer candidates the best experience possible. Your data is kept confidential and not shared with any third parties—in compliance with the GDPR framework.

News about us

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