Migrate to the cloud without hassle

Cloud migration means more agility, flexibility and readability. Getting there is complex and requires you to upskill your team and change your processes. Artifakt makes it easy. Deploy, run and manage within one console. We automate a lot of the cloud hosting requirements and configurations so you can focus on improving your process and your code. 

The cloud, simplified
Onboard to the cloud

Artifakt aims to cut down onboarding time. We prepare, automate, pre-configure, optimise every step of the process. We accompany your team along the way so you can benefit from the best cloud technology out there. 

Optimise your resources

Migrating to the cloud and maintaining your cloud infrastructure requires resources. Building a devops team with the right skillset is rare and can be costly. Artifakt built a tool that helps you onboard your developers rapidly.


Don’t compromise on security

When searching for the right solution, you want to make sure security is a priority. Keeping your data and infrastructure safe is one of the biggest business challenges when it comes to cloud migration. With Artifak, not only will you benefit from leading cloud hosting providers security standards, but we also add a layer of security on top of that. Now, peace of mind is a priority

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Enjoy the same tech as the big players

Cloud infrastructures change over time and it’s not easy to always know which configuration is best suited for your project. Artifakt makes sure that your system is aligned with industry standards and requirements of your tech stack. Cloud migration means you’ll be able to enjoy the same capabilities as the largest tech companies do, no matter how small your project is.



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