Artifakt for Dev Squad

We understand how important time is, and how frustrating it can be for developers to waste it working on cloud infrastructure and process flow. With Artifakt, create your environments faster and manage them on your own. No need for external resources and support. Do what you do best, we take care of the rest.


Experience full autonomy on your environment 

Control each step of your web development process. Deploy new features, scale storage space, add IP restrictions, monitor your application usage…
No need to open tickets or wait for the support line to open. Deploy and manage your entire application’s ecosystem directly within Artifakt. Simplify launching and duplicating environments. We manage cloud hosting for you, all configurations are already included and optimized for your application. In short, you’re ready to start working.


Work as a team and streamline your processes

As a squad, you want each developer to be autonomous and cooperate at the same time. Define each team member’s role by adding them to workspaces, manage their roles and permissions, per web project and per environment.
Improve your code and your website by getting a clear image of how things are going while your team is working directly on the environment.
Connect Artifakt to Slack to get updated directly on your favorite communication platform.

Build better application faster

You need to know where you can improve or fix your code. This can be a needle in the haystack when logs and monitoring are scattered all over the place.
Follow what’s happening in real time, check logs from all servers and databases with our all-in-one dashboard. Find code errors and make your application more performant without wasting precious time.

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