Artifakt for developer teams

Artifakt is built with developers in mind. We aim to ease the frustration that comes with environment deployment and cloud infrastructure. We automate everything so developers can focus on building their applications. It’s production ready and you can manage your entire release flow and infrastructure in full autonomy.


Focus on being a developer

Our main goal is to simplify developers’ workflow. Spend your time on coding and building applications, not on infrastructure maintenance. All our environments are production-ready. You build it, you deploy it to production.


Experience full autonomy in your environment

Deploy and manage your entire application’s ecosystem directly within Artifakt. We manage your cloud hosting, all configuration, and all requirements are already set up and optimized for your tech stack. Adapt your infrastructure to your needs. Release new features, scale storage space, add IP restrictions, or monitor your application usage, all from the Artifakt platform.


Work as a team and streamline your processes

Collaborate with the rest of your team, define each team member’s role by adding them to workspaces, and manage their permissions per project and per environment. Get an overview of each user and which jobs they’ve been running on the Artifakt platform (Build, Deploy, Rollback, Update, etc). You can also connect Artifakt to Slack to get notified directly on your favorite communication platform.

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Build better applications faster

From environment build to deployment, security management, and monitoring, Artifakt follows your web app development lifecycle every step of the way. Access your infrastructure resources from our all-in-one dashboard. We provide you with servers and database logs in real-time and a general health check of your apps that notifies you if we detect any malfunctions.

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