Fast, reliable eCommerce solutions

No online businesses can succeed without a great hosting platform. Benefit from our powerful Cloud hosting platform to deploy your eCommerce web application. Artifakt provides fast, reliable eCommerce platforms to power and scale your online eCommerce business.

Expert in eCommerce solutions

Artifakt offers Cloud eCommerce hosting platforms optimized for your application. Whether you’re using Magento, Akeneo or WooCommerce, our engine builds a ready-to-use environment in just a few minutes. All configurations and recommended requirements for your application are already set up. Your website is ready for business.


Don’t choose between speed and availability

Give your customers the best purchasing experience with an optimized website performance. Your pages load up to 85% faster thanks to our CDN network and our platform performance tuning. 200 edge locations around the globe guarantees your website is always optimized for speed, no matter where your visitors are coming from. Benefit from a resilient multi-datacenter infrastructure. Your website stays online even in case of server failure.


Powerful platform at scale

We know most eCommerce websites need to scale up and down multiple times a year : holidays, black friday, christmas… You want to be ready. Our platform allows you to autonomously scale up and down depending on the traffic you’re expecting in just a click.
Need more peace of mind? Automate this process with auto-scaling when using the Enterprise plan. Focus on your business and run marketing campaigns at will, we take care of the rest.


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