The first PaaS built for complex cloud infrastructures

Enterprise cloud hosting infrastructures require security, resilience, and performance. But Artifakt does more than just cloud hosting—it helps you adapt your infrastructure to your business in full autonomy and as often as needed (scaling, additional services, etc.). We free your organization from rigid infrastructures while keeping it as complex as necessary.

➕ Our user-friendly console offers a no-code interface adapted to both developers and project managers.


Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Artifakt automates all requirements necessary and builds a resilient and efficient infrastructure that fits your application perfectly. No need to code anything, Artifakt does it for you and your engineers can focus on developing new features. In case of server failure, a second server takes over to ensure your website stays accessible while the other one auto-heals itself. 


Artifakt is rich in features specifically designed for enterprise:

  • Auto-scaling, so you never run out of resources.
  • 200-points CDN, to make sure your assets are loaded in record time, no matter where your customer is located.
  • Duplicate infrastructure to another location when opening your business to a new market.

A secure cloud hosting infrastructure

Cloud security is not an option. Benefit from the security of AWS data centers built to protect your information and devices. We make sure your data and systems stay safe by adding an extra layer to AWS cloud security.

We integrated Cloudflare directly into our platform, so you benefit from one of the best web application firewalls in the market. Control who has access to your infrastructure by adding IP and password restrictions.

Manage your resources at every stage of your business

For each environment, we give you a clear picture of your infrastructure and all additional services (servers, storage, additional services, etc.).

You can adapt your resources according to the needs of your business directly within the console—scale up and down your storage and memory space, the limit of your servers, and add additional services. Access monitoring metrics and logs (web servers, database, application, and system). You have all the tools you need to understand and optimize your resources.


Manage your environmentONauto-scalingMonitoring300ms200ms100ms0ms

Built for development teams

Artifakt facilitates collaboration between different team members with user permission per project and environment. Managers and developers can work in parallel while accessing a list of all jobs executed on the platform (deploy, rollback, etc.). Connect Artifakt with Slack to get notified.

Access to application experts

Autonomy and automation are at the core of Artifakt but we also understand that sometimes support is necessary. This is why we provide you with a team of application experts to help you achieve your business goals. More than a simple support team, our experts have years of experience in the different technologies we offer. Whether you have issues migrating to Magento 2 or want to set up some additional requirements, we can guide you through it.

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