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Artifakt x Sylius partnership - Why and how?
We interviewed our friends at Sylius to learn more about what they are doing and how the Artifakt x Sylius partnership is going. Let's find out together.
Romain Thomas
10 February
6 min. read
Coding and testing Kubernetes controllers
When implementing Kubernetes, controllers are becoming increasingly present in the design system ecosystem. While I’m not saying you should throw away your Terraform or Ansible processes, it’s important to understand what Kubernetes controllers are and how they work.
Etienne Coutaud
06 January
3 min. read
Managing eCommerce Infrastructures During the Pandemic

How did the pandemic affect decision-making around eCommerce infrastructure?

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DevOps is not a free lunch: How DevOps can cost you more than you think
DevOps principles have their own dark side and anti-patterns. Let’s take a clear step up above the basic pitfalls of DevOps transformation and see how much DevOps costs are still hidden here and there, even when we do it all by the book.
Djalal Elbe
16 December
4 min. read
Docker images are very different in local and production, they should not be
As anyone reading the 12factor manifesto, we want our projects to run in production the same way they’re running on our laptop, and we only accept minimal changes between environments:...
Djalal Elbe
25 November
7 min. read
Advantages of cloud hosting
Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages to offer—I could write an entire book about it! In this article, I'll limit myself to the 6 main advantages of cloud hosting and what they mean for your business. 
Svetlana Pogodina
29 October
3 min. read
The phases of cloud migration
Migrating to the cloud is a fundamental shift for your business and it involves careful planning and execution throughout the journey to full cloud adoption.
Aymeric Aitamer
22 October
4 min. read
Top Magento 2 development tools
There is definitely a plethora of tools available to cover the needs of any project or level. The tools that I'll present here are some of my favorite and, in my opinion, essential Magento 2 tools to develop with.
Svetlana Pogodina
14 October
3 min. read
How to make your Magento applications scalable using AWS
Scalable and resilient web applications is the goal of every business. In this article, I’d like to demonstrate how we can achieve Magento applications scalability using AWS.
Svetlana Pogodina
07 October
4 min. read
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