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Artifakt simplifies your day-to-day delivery workflow by offering a unique digital experience to your clients. We give you access to the Artifakt platform and our resources to help you optimize your cloud infrastructures and manage them in full autonomy.

“Our partnership with Artifakt has freed our developers from tedious tasks and equipped them with a user interface designed for them.”

Olivier Ferlin
CEO of Silicon Salad

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Integrate your solution directly into our product to create a unique experience with the Artifakt platform.



Ease your team processes, reduce your daily workload and focus on your clients.

Innovation is a core part of the Artifakt DNA.

Check out some of the perks you get from joining our partnership program.

Ease the delivery of your product and service

Onboarding new clients has never been easier. We integrate your product directly into the Artifakt platform with all the requirements and settings necessary. We work with you to make sure our platform is always up to date with your latest product version. 

Invest in an easy-to-use-platform

Developer experience is at the heart of our product. We provide our clients with a seamless, autonomous access to their infrastructure. Adding your product to their infrastructure is done with a single click.  

Expand your service offer

Reach a larger number of users by offering your product and services to Artifakt users. No need for costly sales cycles and onboarding, we provide them with the right information and an easy way to add your product to their workflow. 

Develop your ecosystem

Get access to our entire partnership ecosystem. Need to get in touch with one of our partners? We introduce you to the right contact point. 

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Building partnership is a state-of-mind at Artifakt. A dedicated channel manager makes sure each of our partners reaches their full potential throughout every stage of their business development.

Check out why you should become our solution partner.

Partner onboarding and expertise

We kickstart our partnership with a dedicated onboarding. We train your team on the Artifakt platform and help you set up your project for each of your clients. 

Develop your business

Benefit from our own channels to communicate about your products and services. We work hand in hand to produce content and events together. We’ll share the most relevant insights about your industry and sales pipeline that suits your business. 

All your clients’ applications in one place

Get a simple overview of all your clients’ infrastructure directly from the Artifakt platform. Your team will work in the same tool, on their dedicated projects. If you’re in the process of extending your services to new tech stacks, we help you get on track fast.

Get access to our ecosystem

We help you in your business strategy by giving you access to our partnership ecosystem. Need to get in touch with one of our partners? We introduce you to the right contact point. 

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