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Artifakt helps your team simplify the management of your web project’s Cloud hosting with a set of innovative solutions designed to help collaboration, save time, and accelerate your time to market. More flexible, more agile, Artifakt answers all of your collaboration needs.

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Organize your projects with Artifakt's workspaces

Developers, managers, and editors can work in parallel to test features, iterate and deliver high performance solutions to your customers. Create as many workspaces as you need according to your specific needs. Developer teams that switch to Artifakt are more productive and organically organized, leading to a better overall performance.

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Manage the roles within your team

Giving your team members permission to access only what is relevant to enforce separation of responsibilities. This helps improve the overall security of your website.

Assign a system role to all members both at the workspace and project level.

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All the information you need in one place

Audit trail

Capture a comprehensive history of changes that occurred and get clarity on your team’s activities.

Job notifications

Receive job execution updates so everyone can track which jobs are running where, when and by who.

Downtime alerts

Artifakt monitors whether your websites are reachable or not and quickly sends alerts when something goes wrong.

Monitoring alerts

Receive alerts when your usage exceeds recommended thresholds, before they affect your website’s performance.

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More about Team collaboration
  • How to get your teams organized with Artifakt workspaces and projects?

    Each Artifakt workspace is dedicated to a specific Cloud provider (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.). Within your workspace, you manage your web applications in separate projects. Each of your projects contains everything people involved need in order to build and maintain your websites. 

    Environments live within projects and each one corresponds to a version of your application deployed and available online. Developers, managers, and editors can work in parallel in as many environments as necessary to test features, iterate, and deliver high-performance solutions to your customers.

    Create as many workspaces as you need according to your specific needs.

    How is this better than traditional solutions? Unlike in a traditional development process where managing a fleet of applications and their related environments can become a nightmare, Artifakt projects keep everything organized by default. When it comes to access management, domain names, activity feed, security settings, monitoring, logs, or server management, things are always where you expect them to be—you get a clear understanding of the resources you use.


  • How can you catch up on what's happening in your projects?

    Most teams spend too much time and money on meetings and tedious back-and-forth communication when it comes to managing their fleet of applications and related environments. Artifakt gives you the tools to keep everyone on the same page. Namely:

    • Audit trail: Get a detailed trail of a project's activity to continuously monitor what’s happening in each of the environments. Capturing a comprehensive history of changes that occurred increases visibility for each team member activity and helps troubleshoot security or operational issues.
    • Job notifications: Artifakt integrates seamlessly into your software development workflow and notifies your developers by pushing job execution updates to a Slack channel of your choice. New jobs created, job successes, or job failures—everyone can track which jobs are running on which environments, when, and by who.
    • Site downtime alerts: Artifakt monitors whether your websites are reachable or not and quickly sends alerts when something goes wrong.
    • Monitoring alerts: Artifakt monitors key metrics and logs of the infrastructure powering each of your websites. When your usage exceeds recommended thresholds, Artifakt sends alerts to notify you of platform resource issues before they affect your website's performance.

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